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Controlling COVID-19

NextTrace is building a contact tracing system to enable public health decisions

Social distancing, when widely adopted, works. Unfortunately, it's unsustainable. If we continue distancing, it may devastate our society. But if we stop before a vaccine is ready, it will cause a rebound in infections because not enough of us are immune.
We need another option.

Contact tracing — at scale

We know that interviewing infected individuals about who they came in contact with, and encouraging those contacts to isolate before they can pass the disease on to others, slows down transmission. This process, called contact tracing, is a classic epidemiological technique used in public health for controlling various diseases, such as tuberculosis, HIV, and Ebola.
We are developing a system for survey-based contact tracing at scale that can be deployed by public health officials around the United States. Our approach does not require advanced location-based tracking, though could incorporate data from such systems as they become available. Read more about our plan.
We are a team of scientists, epidemiologists, and software developers. We are working collaboratively with other efforts and sharing best practices as we go.
We will help organize and surface diagnostic and serological data, working with commercial, state, and academic testing labs.
We are building a scalable survey-based approach to contact tracing to find and isolate cases earlier in their course of illness.
We will provide tools to state and local public health departments to inform containment policies at the community level.

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