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We're looking for collaborators, contributors, and users, and we're looking to move fast. We'll soon have a dedicated team, but for now we're mainly volunteers. Please fill out this Google form if you'd like to get in touch. We'd love to hear from several groups of people!

Are you a state-level public health or government official?

Providing valuable information to you is our highest priority. Fill out the form, or email us directly.

Are you involved in another COVID-19 software or data project and want to collaborate?

Fill out the form and desribe your project and how we might work together.

Are you a developer / designer / operator and want to contribute?

Fill our the form here with your skills and interests.

Are you an epidemiologist or scientist?

We want to collaborate closely with others curating data or building models, and help build a shared knowledge base. Fill out the form and we'll try to get you involved.

Are you a funder?

Please reach out! We'll need support. You can email us directly.
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