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How is this project structured?

We plan to form an independent non-profit with dedicated staffing to house this work. However, given the need to move quickly in response to COVID-19, we are starting immediately with volunteer effort. We will build the organization responsibly as we go, valuing neutrality, transparency, and commitment and accountability to the public.

How is this related to promixity and location-based tracing apps?

Our core thesis is that traditional contact tracing — as performed by public health officials conducting extensive interviews with positive cases — works well. But we simply don't have the human resources to do it at the scale necessary to combat COVID-19. So, our starting point is to scale up the classic approach, using web-based surveys and innovative approaches to data management, rather than invent a new approach. There are approaches being developed to implement privacy-preserving proximity-tracking. As these approaches mature, we will explore methods to incorporate this data into our approach.
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