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Our team


Project lead Trevor Bedford at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is at the forefront of infectious disease modeling, computation and genomics. He is co-founder of the Nextstrain project, which has lead real-time analysis of COVID-19 genomic data, providing a novel view into the pandemic that would have been absent otherwise. His work with the Seattle Flu Study revealed community spread of COVID-19 that was missed by traditional surveillance and his alerting bought the US critical time to mount a stronger outbreak response.


We will soon have dedicated staff for this new effort, focused on operational scale out, technical infrastructure, and community engagement. To get started, we are leveraging help from a volunteer team, including Leah Alpert, Alli Black, Silvia Botros, Rebecca Egger, Jeremy Freeman, Marc Hedlund, Colin Megill, Miguel Paredes, and Thomas Sibley.


We're not doing this alone. We have critical advising from Dylan George (In-Q-Tel), Lauren Meyers (UT Austin), Alex Phelan (Georgetown University), Caitlin Rivers (Johns Hopkins University), and Cecile Viboud (NIH Fogarty Center).
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